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organizational endorsements

Community leaders are united in support for

Evan Minton for Assembly

*Title for identification purposes only

Elected and Appointed Officials

  • CA Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (she/her)

  • Former CA State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones (he/him)

  • CA State Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez (he/him)

  • CA State Board of Equalization Member Sally Lieber (she/her)

  • Senator Dave Cortese (he/him)

  • Senator Scott Wiener (he/him)

  • Senator Lola Smallwood Cuevas (she/her)

  • Assemblymember Matt Haney (he/him)

  • Assemblymember Tina McKinnor (she/her)

  • Assemblymember Phil Ting (he/him)

  • Assemblymember Alex Lee (he/him)

  • Former Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (he/him)

  • Former Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (she/her)

  • Former Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (she/her)

  • Former Assemblymember Dennis Mangers (he/him)

  • Former Assemblymember Lloyd Levine (he/him)

  • City of West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero (she/her)

  • City of Pinole Mayor Devin T. Murphy (he/him)

  • City of Sonoma Mayor Sandra Lowe (she/her)

  • City of Artesia Mayor Melissa Ramoso (she/her)

  • City of West Sacramento Councilmember Norma Alcala (she/her)

  • City of South San Francisco Councilmember James Coleman (he/him)

  • City of Tracy Councilmember Dan Arriola (he/him)

  • City of El Cerrito Councilmember Gabe Quinto (he/him)

  • Sacramento City Unified School Board Trustee Jamee Villa (she/her)

  • Washington Unified School Board Vice President Jackie Thu-Huong Wong

  • Cabrillo College Board Trustee Adam Spickler (he/him)

  • American River Flood Control Vice President Rae Vander Werf (they/them/Mx.)

  • Arden Manor Recreation and Parks District Chairperson Warren Harding (he/him)

  • Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Tara Sreekrishnan (she/her)

  • Sacramento County Mental Health Chair Dr. Corrine McIntosh Sako (she/her)

  • Sacramento Measure U Citizens Oversight Commissioner Nikki Paschal (she/her)

  • City of Sacramento Parks & Community Enrichment Commissioner Niki Kangas  (she/they)

Democratic Party Leaders 

  • Democratic National Committee LGBTQ Caucus Vice Chair Laurence Zakson (he/him)

  • CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Chair Igor Tregub

  • CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Internal Advocacy Director Stacy Fortner

  • Chair Emeritus of the CA Democratic Party Rules Committee Garry Shay

  • Sacramento County Democratic Party Past Chair Terry Schanz (he/him)

  • San Francisco County Democratic Party Chair Honey Mahogany (she/her)

  • CA Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus Chair Emeritus Clark Williams (he/him)

  • CA Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus Chair Emeritus Tiffany Woods (she/her)

  • CA Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus Chair Emeritus and Avance Democratic Club Political Director Lester Aponte (he/him)

  • CA Democratic Party Elected Delegate Forest Harlan

  • CA Democratic Party Region 5 Director Alejandro Carrillo

  • CA Democratic Party Eboard Member Glenn Glazer (they/them)

  • East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD) President Hans Johnson (he/him)

  • Former Stonewall Democrats of Greater Sacramento President and Public Defender Kim Angulo (she/her)

Community Leaders

  • Marshall-New Era Park Neighborhood Association Chair George Raya (he/him)

  • Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association President* Isaac Gonzalez (he/him) *Title for information purposes only

  • Midtown Neighborhood Association Vice Chair Emeritus Abby Jackson (she/her)

  • Former President, Newton Booth Neighborhood Board and President of Preservation Sacramento William Burg

  • Community Leader and Former Candidate for Sacramento DA Alana Mathews (she/her)

  • California Domestic Workers Coalition Director* Kimberly Alvarenga (she/her/ella/siya) 

  • Community Leader and Small Business Owner Tina Reynolds (she/her)

  • Community Leader and Pastor Casey Martinez-Tinnin (he/him)

  • Community Leader State Coordinator of California National Organization for Women Emeritus Shireen Miles (she/her)

  • Community Leader Susan McKee (she/her)

  • Community Leader and Small Business Owner Wendy Hill (she/her)

  • Community Leader Cecilia Chung (she/her)

  • LGBTQ Community Leader Lexi Howard (she/her)

  • Immigrant Rights and Labor Activist Victor Narro (he/him)

  • PFLAG Greater Placer County Board Member Daniella Zimmerman

  • US Trans Survey and Special Projects, National Center for Transgender Equality/NCTE Action Fund Director* Josie Caballero (she/her)

  • TransLatin@ Coalition, President and CEO Bamby Salcedo (she/her)

  • CEO, Sacramento Splash Mackenzie Wieser

  • Intake Specialist for Homeless Veterans JoAnna Michaels

  • Co-Founder/Board Member, Latino Equality Alliance*, Ari Gutiérrez Arámbula (she/her)

  • Trans Activist/Named SCOTUS Plaintiff/Community Leader Gavin Grimm (he/him)